nobigdyl. is showing us how to run a clean campaign with his new video for his single "PRESIDENT".  He took to instagram to publically thank those who had a hand in its creation saying

PRESIDENT music [film] is finally here!! i’m so proud of this visual + all the layers of art that went into it. thank you @cinemaddox for combining your outlandish ideas with mine and making something incredible every single time. it’s always down to the last minute and craziest idea with us + it’s always impeccable. thank you @indiechels for taking chaotic ideas + turning them into costumes, locations, schedules, budgets,+ realities. it’s tough to give you a title because they all seem to limit what you actually do. we’ll say Head of Operations for now. @blackdust4 you’ll never ever see this but thank you for making “work” feel like the blissful oblivion of childhood. + quoting dave chappelle until we miss our queues. @battz_ @aaron.dews @david.piersaul yalls contributions are excellent. im honored you would take the time to lend your talents to this project. it means the world. anyway everybody go watch this video it means a lot to me!! thank you 🦅🦅 – President Dyllie

Be sure to add "PRESIDENT" to your Christian Rap playlist HERE.