Deraj - Way Up feat. Kassy Levels

Orlando-based rapper Deraj returns with a new anthem, “Way Up,”

Featuring American Idol finalist Kassy Levels; “Way Up” is both an expression of gratitude and an ode to strong faith. On the track which was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Malex and OB; Deraj credits his faith with keeping him in a good place. He hopes to inspire others, rapping, “We got the medicine, all you gotta do is let it in / He just came to fill you way up, what you hearing is the evidence.”

Deraj says the song is about staying motivated. “When people and situations strive to keep us down, we stay focused on the things above no matter what,” he says. “We won’t settle for low standards when God made us greater. Since we were made for more, then with everything we do, we aim do it Way Up.”

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