Mike Sarge - Excuse The Honesty [ALBUM REVIEW]

To tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me Lord. Well the truth about Mike Sarge's new album Excuse The Honesty, is that he delivers a solid project full of openness, clarity, and faith.

Mike Sarge; a native of Augusta Georgia serves up several truths on his new album. From hypocrites in the church to racial injustice; Excuse the Honesty is filled with a myriad of subject matter. The one topic that I was anxious to hear before previewing the album was of Mike Sarge himself. Because you can't name an album Excuse The Honesty without shedding some light on some truths about your own life. He does just that on one of my favorite tracks on the album "Trust Issues". He recounts times of being bullied, loneliness, and the struggle to trust the people around him. We are always the best version of ourselves when we're honest about who we are.

Mike Sarge gives a glimpse of low points in his past and points us to the redemptive savior who sees us and loves us; flaws and all.

"My mom said I'm the head and not the tail and that's what God spoke/ But it's hard to believe as a kid when you're the butt of every single joke" - Mike Sarge [Trust Issues]

Half-way through the album I started to get the feeling that Sarge was delivering just another trap-filled project with little depth and range in production style. But what ended up happening was a seamless transition into different styles. Track 8 on the album; "Royalty" incorporates those southern trap elements but flashes a hint of EDM style. Sarge even delivers a catchy pop record with "Ghost". The change in styles wasn't really expected but greatly appreciated and showed his creative ability as an artist.

So truthfully speaking after Mike Sarge gives us some of the more intriguing material from the album he falls back to the trap style safety net. Though the bonus track "Square Root (BAE) featuring Butta P" was a nice addition that deals with relationships it's over another trap beat. So the tail end of the project is thought provoking lyrically but pretty lackluster musically. What we get throughout Excuse The Honesty is an artist being completely open about his feelings, his life, and his faith.

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Favorite Tracks: 2,6,7

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