Dee-1 - Tha Block Is Hot (Video)

Here's the new video from New Orleans rapper Dee-1. "Tha Block Is Hot" will be featured on Dee-1's upcoming mixtape Separated at Birth.

Dee-1’s project, Separated at Birth is set to release on September 15th. This is the story of Dee-1 and Lil Wayne. Dee-1 started rapping because of Lil Wayne's influence, and his style was heavily influenced by Wayne's music. Both lyrical individuals with dreads and a sound influenced by their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, however content wise, Dee-1 is the polar opposite of Wayne. Dee-1 takes issue with Wayne glorifying a lot of negativity that has a negative impact on the culture. Dee-1 notes that although they may be entertaining, a lot of Wayne's more aggressive lyrics are fiction. On this mixtape, Dee-1 takes classic and recent Lil Wayne beats and creatively flips Wayne's concepts 180 degrees to contribute a different perspective on hip hop. 

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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