Tony Dungy Writes Letter Encouraging Dads to Get Involved

Superbowl winning coach Tony Dungy, recently wrote a letter to the editor of USA Today. You can read the letter by clicking HERE

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments of his letter. Recently, I attended an event hosted by my son's school for fathers. They invited dads to the school to eat breakfast with our kids and enjoy reading a book with them. Although the school had an ulterior motive (long story), the concept was a good one and I was happy to see the amount of dads who participated.

This is my favorite quote from Dungy's letter: "Today, America's men must step up and realize the difference they can make in their children's lives. We have to raise the bar of responsible fatherhood, and then we need to help men surpass this bar. Our children are worth fighting for."

Well said Mr. Dungy...well said.

Just in case you were wondering about that ulterior motive; here are my tweets from yesterday about it.

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