Weekend Recap: Party and Baseball

Over the weekend we celebrated Mal's 1st birthday. Had a nice picnic in the park and as you can see he REALLY enjoyed himself. Mal is growing and learning so fast. Truly amazing that my wife and I are able to keep up with him.

Another highlight of this past weekend is that Israel can hit a baseball. No I mean like he can HIT!! We got him a bat and ball set for achieving some of his homework goals (number recognition and letter tracing). When I put the bat in his hand it was like he morphed in to Hammerin' Hank Aaron. I pitched to him a little at the party and a little after church yesterday and parents were coming out of the woodwork asking me how I got him to hit like that. I just simply replied, "I didn't do anything, the boy's a natural."

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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  1. Happy belated 1st birthday. Love that cute sweet frosted face.