The LeBrons Episode 1 "Lion"

A few months ago I blogged about this new animated series from Lebron James(Go Magic!).Yes every time I mention Lebron James(Go Magic!) on this blog I have to type (Go Magic!).

So I watched the first episode and it pains me to admit that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The main characters are based off of Lebron James'(Go Magic!) Nike commercials which feature himself and his alter egos Athlete Lebron, Business Lebron, Kid Lebron, and Wise Lebron (Go Magic!x4)

The first episode features Kid and his friend as the try to escape the dreaded "neighborhood dog." It was entertaining and I could see the show being picked up by a major network, as for now it's only available online HERE.\

I did however have a problem with a few scenes. Seeing as how this show is geared towards kids the scene when we're introduced to Business' female interest could've been toned down a tad. The sexual overtone was really not necessary to the overall plot. The other issue had to due with language during the scene where the "neighborhood dog" meets his match. The line; "how about I rip out your head a play ball with it", in my opinion probably wasn't thought through very well.

Overall I wouldn't mind letting Israel watch this episode. If the show straightens out a few minor details then it will be an excellent family cartoon that I know many Cavalier fans will enjoy. = o )

::Watched episodes two and three and will not be letting Israel watch this show. He's a huge basketball fan but this show; in my opinion is intended for ages 10+::

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