White versus Black.......shoes!!

*Pay attention to key words/phrases during this post*

So today I walked in to Israel's school today and caught the tailwind of an argument between a parent and a teacher. So apparently the parent is upset because her 3 yr. old son's all white shoes were scuffed up and dirty when she came to pick him up. She went on to say that she didn't mind cleaning the all white shoes but that it was the scuff marks that she didn't appreciate. She demanded that staff make sure that other kids don't step on her 3 yr. old son's all white shoes

When I pick Israel up from school he's a complete mess. Sand,dirt,leaves,etc are all over his body. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I EVER SEND HIM TO SCHOOL IN ALL WHITE SHOES?

3 year old + all white = Disaster waiting to happen

Israel & Malachi will probably never wear a pair of all white shoes until high school.

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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  1. Kids are going to get dirty sometime. My daughter, though, has always been the type that never likes to get dirty. I can put on the most prettiest dress and have the most most messiest food like spaghetti and she wouldn't spill a bit. I don't think Parents should put the demand of keeping a child clean on the teacher, though.

  2. I am shocked that this parent was tripping like that! Are you kidding me??? Kids get dirty - that's just what they do. *smh* I feel for that poor teacher who had to tolerate that tirade.

    hahahah @ your kids not wearing any white til h.s. i know thats right! same with my boys.