Finally a Breakthrough

It happened so quickly. I was just minding my business surfing the internetS and out of left field Israel says, "Daddy I'm going to poo-poo on the potty now." So I said the same thing I usually say for the 100000000000000000 time; "OK Israel let me know when you're done." Clearly not expecting anything since he hasn't gone on the potty in about 4 months (when his regression process started).

Then all of a sudden I heard "Daddy come here I did it." You would've thought Ed McMahon had just knocked on my door with one of those big checks in his hand.

So after all the prayer,hoping,and waiting...FINALLY a breakthrough.

He may not come when you want him (or expect him). But He'll be there right on time. Truly an on-time God.

Some might ask why I'm praising the Lord for my son using the potty. And my reply to that would be "why not praise Him?"


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  1. YAY!! Congrats for the breakthrough. My little guy is 21 months and we aren't there yet. I hope things keep going well.