NBA All-Star Dwight Howard Recording an Album

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Razor and Tie Records has teamed up with Orlando Magic Super Star Dwight Howard to create a kids music CD entitled ‘Shoot For The Stars’. Dwight Howard is known for his philanthropy work and connection to children and has asked TSM to bring together all the pieces to create the visual aspect of the album. The CD features Dwight Howard singing on 13 tracks as a collection of fun dance songs for kids to sing a long and have a good time read the rest of the article visit

The album will be released on October 26 2010 and you can pre-order it by clicking HERE

Here's the Track List
1. Let's Get It Started
2. All Star
3. ABC
4. Will You Be There
5. U Can't Touch This (Howard Time)
6. Shout
7. Day-O
8. Get The Party Started
9. Jammin'
10. Whoomp (Hoop) There It Is
11. Shoot For The Stars

I'm guessing that this will be like a Kidz Bop album with a little more flava..We all know what D12 can do on the court; but Dwight Howard the singer? The jury is definately out on that. Betcha $1.00 autotune will play a major role in this project. He's doing it for the kids and that's all that matters. Cause, in the words of Martin Payne (and later Trick Daddy) HHD Loves the Kids.


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  1. Whaaaaat?!!! lmao! I love it though!
    Wait til I tell DH this. *smh* I've seen it all now. :-)