Happy Birthday Israel

Happy 3rd birthday to Israel. They grow up so fast don't they. His birthday party isn't until the end of the month (Good thing considering how nasty the weather is right now). But I love my son and I'm so proud of him. We're finally breaking through with the potty training and we're excited for him to start preschool soon. Leave him a shout out as a comment if you want and I'll read them to him tonight.

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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  1. Awww, happy birthday to Israel! Love the pics!

    I thought about you when my second was born, as I wondered how Israel had handled the birth of his sister. My toddler (Chase) had a bit of a rough time transitioning to the baby, but we tried hard to shower him with extra attention and love. But it was still a rough transition for him. He's getting better though. Since Israel is a bit older than him I'm thinking maybe he understood and subsequently handled the new baby's arrival better....?

  2. ummm at first he was ok...but he still has his days where u can see that he is getting jealous but we try to give equal affection -his mom