C'mon Son!!!!!

*Clearly speaking out of frustration*

Where is Ed Lover when I need him?? I sure need to hire him to come talk to Israel who in my mind I've nicknamed (Doo-Doo Master). I would call him that out loud but Carissa, the level-headed one, thinks I'd hurt his feelings. But I'm starting to think that he'd embrace it.

This potty training thing is just not working...

We've tried the potty song
Tanto-Potty Time by damusicman

We've tried timing it,we've tried this method and that method and it's the same results. (you know what results I'm talking about)I put him on the potty during his normal potty time and we get nothing...then not 2 minutes later I start to smell the George Clinton (that's the funk for you squares out there). So that's why today Israel get's a big C'MON SON!!! from me.

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.
—Romans 8:25

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