To Gucci or not to Gucci: that is the question

So Israel is obsessed with the intro chorus to Gucci Mane's State vs Radric Davis album. Whenever he gets in the car he starts yellin' Gucci!! @ the top of his lungs. OOOPS My bad...bad Mykal!! So I've been listening to a bunch of kid friendly tunes that I can bump in the car. So I will be scouring the internetS to discover music I can jam that's kid friendly as well as Hip-Hop Dad cool. So here's the first album all you HHD's should look in to.

Class of 3000 (the soundtrack)

This is the soundtrack to a widely slept on cartoon series created by Andre 3000 of the multi-platinum group Outkast. 3000 brings his style of jazz infused hip-hop to the creative soundtrack. I heard the first song and was like YES!!! Here's a sample track to listen too.

You can get this on iTunes,amazon,etc...

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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  1. Thank you Jesus! I would love to here some kid friendly jams in the car!