It's Potty Time (the remix)

I assure you this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole life. We're trying everything under the sun and my main man just aint gettin' it. He's great @ #1 but his number #2 is terrible. I'm getting to the point where I think he's doing it on purpose LOL! We can put him on that potty for what seems like forever and nothing goes down. Ten minutes later he's walking around like Pee Wee from Bebe's Kids. He's playin' us big time. Maybe we're just dummies and the book pictured here will help us out. We are praying for patience and hoping that we will have a breakthrough. They won't let Israel start preschool until he is potty trained. So throw up some prayers for us as we continue to work towards this goal. Israel knows the words to the potty time song... but I'm pretty sure he doesn't get the message.

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

Mykal Seaton is a Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Writer,Joke Teller, Sports Watcher, and Fit Bit Wearer whose goal in life is to not live a wasted one.


  1. Hi, first time here on your post, found you off of Makes me wanna holler blog..Just sayin hi and good luck with the potty training..


  2. Thanks for stopping by Erika! We're still working and praying on this potty training thing. They say boys are harder to train. I'll never know if that's truth. We're expecting another boy in about 3 weeks!