Insanity Workout Day 15

I do not endorse any products in this blog for monetary gain. All products mentioned are products that I use and enjoy.

1st things 1st: I appreciate all the support that I've been getting from people regarding this process.

So in 15 days I've lost SIX pounds.

How I did it: Well of course the Insanity workout program has got me sweatin' like crazy and is motivating me to keep going but the main thing that I've changed is my eating habits. First thing I did was food replacement.

Food Replacement-replacing negative and unhealthy food items in my home with positive healthy foods.

My favorite substitute has been Naked Juice

They provide a great source of nutritional needs and fuel my body after hard workouts. I cut out fast food and increased my water intake (about 2 liters per day).
I've reduce my sugar intake by drinking more water than juice(I used to do the opposite cause I LOVE juice). Smaller meals throughout the day instead of just a few large ones helps me control what I eat. So with healthier food options around me and me sticking to my workout program I've made a significant change in my lifestyle.

The Insanity workout comes with a nutrition program but I found that a lot of that stuff would be a little bit too much for me. I mean we're all not dumb when it comes to healthy food. We know what's good and what is not. So instead of going for the bag of chips grab these

So that's my update for right now.
SIX pounds down and feelin' GOOD. Praise God.

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

Mykal Seaton is a Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Writer,Joke Teller, Sports Watcher, and Fit Bit Wearer whose goal in life is to not live a wasted one.

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