Israel met Santa over the weekend

So this weekend Carissa & I took Israel to see Santa and it seemed like he didn't really know who Santa was before Saturday. So before Saint Nicholas made his grand entrance I was hyping him up big time. So now the stage is set and Israel is getting impatient; then all of a sudden Santa came dashing through the carpet. I look around and most of the kids were just quiet and in awe of the guy. So if there energy level was @ a 10 Israel had to be @ 30!!. All you could hear in the whole building was Israel screaming HIIIII SANTA!! HIIIII SANTA!!

Then when it was time to go meet him everything took a turn for the worst.

So apparently it's good to shout out Santa from a distance but up close I guess Israel figured Santa wasn't the coolest person. He didn't want to shake his hand or sit on his lap, but he gladly took the giftbag Santa had for him. We coaxed him to sit on his lap for a quick photo op and the above picture is the best that we got.

What I learned: Israel knows the true meaning of Christmas and Santa is alright as long as he keeps his distance.

Side note: Those cookies you see in the photo were the highlight of the day.

Extra photo:

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

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