Thi'sl- I Hate You(Crack) Video

*warning this video contains drug content*

What a powerful song. It's crazy the way rappers today embrace and glorify the reality that drugs have managed to tear down communities. Thi'sl presents drugs in this video in a very true and raw depiction of his own experiences. But what's different is that he's reflecting back on his past as a drug dealer but he understands just how terrible his decisions were and how they have affected his life.

The most powerful lines:
And what you do not tell us in this dream that you sell us
Is that we storing wrath against a God that is jealous
And if we don't repent, turn from you, and serve the Lord
For every gram we sell, we going to be judged by the Lord
That's why we all should hate you

A few weeks ago my wife and I got a chance to see Thi'sl live in concert. The show was amazing and it was great to see young people (younger people than me I'm only 24 lol) so excited about lifting up the name of Jesus.

Here's of picture of my wife and Thi'sl

& some show footage shot from my rinky-dink phone


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