Kevin Olusola Cello-Beatboxing Combo (Video)

Kevin Olusola (aka KO), is a Kentucky born, Yale graduating,cello/saxophone/beat-boxing and composing super-talent. KO has traveled the globe uniquely blending a classical sound with another distinct hip-hop sound. A two-time performer at Carnegie Hall (on two separate instruments), his videos are quickly spreading virally and becoming instant favorites among viewers. The above video was posted April 14 2011 and as of this post's date and time has already garnered 185,000 views.

You can find out more about Kevin on his website

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

Mykal Seaton is a Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Writer,Joke Teller, Sports Watcher, and Fit Bit Wearer whose goal in life is to not live a wasted one.

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