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It's amazing looking back over this past year at how much my blog has changed. It's a clear and direct reflection of the changes that have been taking place in my life and I'm super excited to see the growth in both. If you haven't noticed I began pumping Christ in to this blog about 5 months ago and the response has been a little mixed to tell you the truth. But another truth is that; for me it's not about the response. It's about the commitment. My goal for this site is to show people that if you're a Christian who happens to be raising kids who happens to be a fan of hip-hop that you can expose your children to hip-hop and at the same time glorify Jesus Christ. Back in March I blogged about the struggle I was having with finding quality music that my family as a whole could enjoy.

I was tired of straddling the fence and I finally took a stand. So during this holidy season I'm looking forward to the fellowship with my family. I'm also developing a plan to expand this blog in the future with the purpose of being the example for my sons. Less of me and mas of Christ.

So Merry ChristMAS to you and yours from the HHD Family.

Mykal Seaton : @digitalmyk

Mykal Seaton is a Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Writer,Joke Teller, Sports Watcher, and Fit Bit Wearer whose goal in life is to not live a wasted one.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, and I LOVE that you've taken the blog in this new direction. That's wonderful!